Zed Monopoly “The Recession is a period of opportunities”

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Dubai, UAE — Zed Monopoly, a well known successful trader, investor & social media person believes the recession is when people get wealthy and develop further in the financial world as “the competition would have been wiped out”.

Zed Monopoly also the founder of monopoly trading school (MTS) who is estimated to have amassed millions before the age of 28 has said that “the recession might scare investors but it will not scare traders”.

As GDP declines in the USA/EUROPE, investors have begun selling their equities which has caused a massive decline in the stock market and crypto market.

This usually opens up the door to short sellers i.e traders make money when equities go down. However zed believes that the decline will soon come to a halt, followed by a long consolidation period in the markets as investors start weighting the market and await further growth in the economy and the decline in inflation rate.

What’s your plan for 2022/2023?

Zed: “My plan for the next 6 months is to focus on buying cheap currencies in regions with potential of outpacing other regions, I will also focus more on scaling into stocks that have been beat down as a result of this slow stock market crash but they also have to make sense to hold for the long term, actually I just started buying assets but on a small scale

In regards to acquiring the funds to do this, I will be trading the market short term and nowadays I trade the USTECH100 (NASDAQ) mostly as the volatility is very good for a day trader. I do believe the market is coming to a halt soon, the only thing left to see is inflation rate dropping and GDP heading to the upside instead of the down side. Other than that I believe we’re ready to go sideways for a long period of time.Which is Why Scalpers and short term traders will reap the reward faster than investors.

Recession is when many get discouraged and get wiped out, so I believe  those that remain will get forged into weapons and they’ll be able to withstand any market condition after that”

What Can The Average person do?

Zed: “First of all they should stop falling for scams, get rich quick schemes and anything that seems easy. Second thing they can do is join my free trading communities which I have established just to teach those who can’t afford to pay for premium education. These communities are either run by me or my x students and they’re FREE. They should also set aside every month some spare cash other than their savings to dedicate to their trading account. That way they’re not emotional and scared.

What’s the next step in your life?

Just focus on trading (what makes me happy) and focus on growing my businesses from a distance and live a peaceful life as I try and help others from a distance too.

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