New Social Media Polling App Weebl Closes Pre-Seed Round

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Weebl is the first-ever cross-platform polling app for social media influencers.

Weebl, the world’s first cross-platform polling app launches officially next week, after closing an undisclosed pre-seed round and months of development. Weebl is a fun new way to ask group questions on social media and get opinions from all your friends and followers on a wide range of topics. Bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers, and any other internet persona with an audience are enabled to easily survey and discover opinions across their multiple channels. The exciting new social media polling app empowers users to quickly receive valuable opinions from their friends and followers via mixed-media content-driven polls and has recently announced its pre-seed funding round led by Maan Ventures. Leading the charge on changing the landscape of the future of social media via the lens of interactive discovery, Weebl is the new star in the social media space, connecting people from across all platforms to effortlessly exchange opinions and engage in conversations, freely sharing and expressing anything they desire.

With the injection of new capital, the company plans to release the product in late August after a successfully closed beta period which began in March. The app has quickly scaled to thousands of users, helping to substantiate an initial hypothesis that people are searching for better ways to ask group questions and get organized feedback. After spending time with beta users collecting feedback and conducting behavioral patterns analysis, the team at Weebl concluded that with an enhanced product, they can really help to bridge a growing divide in the siloed social media app market. The launch that features those enhancements is scheduled for a late-summer release on the App Store, and aims to modernize the way in which people exchange questions and seek opinions using interactive group polls.

So far, influencers and early adopters are loving Weebl’s ability to bring communities together.

“Weebl really is the easiest way to ask a question to my 15,000 followers that are spread out amongst LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.” – said one early beta tester.

Weebl’s new release will allow its users to create immersive mixed media-enabled group polls with video, audio, images, and links with cross-platform sharing. So, friends from various social media apps get to participate and engage in the group poll. To simply vote and see results, friends do not need to have the app downloaded. If they want to join the post-voting conversation or become poll creators themselves, they’ll need to get the app. Weebl was founded by longtime tech serial entrepreneur Surendra Goel, and his tech entrepreneur co-founder Art Binder, along with their dynamic team, to make social polling a more meaningful experience. Binder, who operates as the company’s CMO, had this to say “Millions of people use polls every day, like the embedded poll feature found in Instagram stories, to engage in opinion seeking with their followers. They’re an effective means for getting direct feedback, but they’re restrictive, impersonal, and quite tedious to repeat on all your social channels. So people miss out on the opportunity to engage ALL of their communities. Weebl is aiming to change that forever… Now, people can make creative polls or just ask questions with their real voice (audio) to ALL of their followers, across every channel and get them all involved in ongoing conversations”.

Co-founder and CEO Goel agreed and added “One of the biggest problems with social media today is that it is a vacuum of information and the algorithms can cause serious confirmation bias, and we’re trying to solve that with a cross-platform tool that allows you to mix your communities together, get confronted with differing opinions and see the world from other points of view. That’s what Weebl can do”.

Weebl is meeting the demands of a new generation of opinion seekers by offering a highly enticing micro-community based on shared interests and passions. Pollsters will engage with friends, followers, or fans across all platforms. The sky really is the limit for Weebl, with the upcoming latest release ushering in a fresh new phase of boundless discovery for the social media world. Don’t miss out on the action, post your first Weebl today and witness the magic you can instantly create.

About Weebl:

The world’s easiest way to poll your friends and followers seamlessly across all social media channels, with one app! Download Weebl now to find out what your audience really thinks! Learn more at or download the app and see for yourself:

About Maan Ventures:

Maan Ventures was founded in late 2014. We are a venture capital firm focused on early-stage startups. We deploy capital in Angel, Seed, and occasionally Series A rounds. We’ve invested in a variety of industries from hardware security to medical devices. All our investments and partnerships have the following things in common: Open communication, founders trust, strategic capital, & long-term approach.

“Maan Ventures has gotten to know Surendra through continued conversations since being founded in 2014. We are excited to be joining Art, rejoining Surendra, and helping the rest of the Weebl team as they build out their platform and pursue their ambitious mission to add let’s weebl to today’s lexicon” said Manesh Gupta, Managing Director.

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