Facts about visiting Mehandi city of India, travel tips – Rajasthan’s Sojat


On the off chance that there is one thing that ladies who take thoroughly enjoy the art of decorating their hands with henna have found out about, it is that few out of every odd henna that sells in the market these days is unique.

Thus, in the event that you have something serious thing for henna application, drive right to Sojat city in Pali locale of Rajasthan. This is the place where you can purchase the most authentic mehandi.

The best mehandi in India comes from Rajasthan on the grounds that the dirt and climatic conditions are totally directly in this area for its bountiful creation.

You can take up lodging for a day at the Gotavat Bhawan ( dharamshala) in Sojat and approach investigating the shades of Henna City.

Things to do in Sojat

Take a tour of Mehandi mills

In the event that you visit one of the plants where henna powder is made and packed to be purchased, you can demand the owners for additional details of the cycle. You can likewise purchase genuine henna from the factory.

Explore Sojat Fort

There is a major fortification on one of the hillocks in Sojat. It has a water reservoir and a some of temples. The fort was ignored for long by the nearby government, however is presently being dealt with for advancing vacationer exercises.

Purchase handmade scissors

Interestingly, Sojat is likewise acclaimed for its carefully assembled scissors. On the off chance that that intrigues you, get a couple for yourself.

A glance at some interesting facts

Mehandi or henna is regularly harvested by skilled labour.

A mehandi plant creates best shading when it is watered normally by monsoon rains. If there should arise an occurrence of manual watering, the plant can deliver 30 to 40 percent of the ideal stain on the human skin.

When it arrives at the factory, it is cleaned, squashed and grinded into a fine powder.

The leftover seeds are removed by the nearby sellers, who add chemicals to it and sell it at a less expensive cost.

Fake mehandi produces moment tone, while the genuine one gives up a profound consumed orange stain.

Bollywood famous people like Priyanka Chopra, the Bachchans and others have bought mehandi from Sojat city for their wedding celebrations.

Travelling beyond Sojat

Obviously, tourists can go through a day or two in Sojat, and incorporate sightseeing, shopping and exploring Mehandi plants. Hence, you can anticipate visiting close by objections like Pali (48 km from Sojat), which is renowned for its temples and gardens.

Another choice is to feel free to visit Ajmer (124 km from Sojat), which stands apart for its well known dargah. Third decision is to visit Jodhpur, where there is much more to find and experience.

How to arrive at Sojat?

By flight

Jodhpur Airport (JDH) and Dabok Airport (UDR) are found 102 and 148 km from Sojat.

By train

Traveler trains services are accessible from significant Indian railhead for Sojat street station.

By bus

Regular transports utilize from significant cities of Rajasthan to Sojat. Travelers going from different parts of India may need to interchange buses.

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