Abhishek Bachchan: Starrer “Sons Of The Soil” reflects both game and team spirits at a crazy energy-level


The review of Son Of The Soil: Jaipur Pink Panthers uncovers that the documentary rotates around Abhishek Bachchan and his Kabaddi crew Jaipur Pink Panthers, which further exhibits that both the game and the team spirit has made this documentary special.

Our sources could luckily connect with Abhishek Bachchan while his stay in Patna and were sufficiently special to observe a LIVE kabaddi match of Abhishek Bachchan’s group for example ‘Jaipur Pink Panthers’. The Bachchan young men played kabaddi with irresistible enthusiasm which had provoked the spectators to cheer the group.

Owing to Abhishek’s commitment, the sport of kabaddi could stretch out to the stadium from the akaadha. It would be No embellishment or trivialization goes behind glorifying Abhishek for glamming-up the game, giving it the truly necessary ‘elite’ support, lifting it’s status from the grassroots to the higher classes or more all, doing this without undermining the game’s inherent rawness.

This 5-section docu-series shows group Pink Panthers’ excursion across India as they travel and play in tournaments not in every case triumphantly, yet viewing the young men in their most elevated spirits reminds about the publicity the sport of cricket gets in India, regarding sportsmanship.

The documentary features the Pink Panthers rehearsing on the field, their locker-room talks and the best part being; the means by which the players are pampered by their whole family when at home. For instance, One player takes us on a flash tour through his new home as he gladly shows his shiny washing machine, cooler and mixer.

Another player’s mom does an oil massage of his head getting some information about how Abhishek deals with him by brazenly expressing, “Maybe he will arrange your marriage.”.

The discussions about kabaddi are pleasantly offset with the players’ home life.

Abhishek Bachchan, who fills in as the storyteller, might have been somewhat more relaxed to go with the casual setting of the game. Likewise, he might have shared more anecdotes on his team players, their dreams, desires, fears, love life, and so on.

All we see is the players as kabaddi enthusiasts. In that limit, they fall off decisively in this forcefully cut documentary which goes from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad to Patna looking for a response to the topic of an eternal quest.

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